this was the last photo i ever took of my father. it was april of 2016, he had just retired and was days away from moving cross country. i went with him to lock up his office one last time. on the way home i suggested we stop by my mothers grave since there was no way of knowing when we'd ever be there together again. i hung back while he approached her headstone and shot this photo, the last on the roll. the symbolism was unknown to me, unknow to the world at the time. it hadn't been created yet. less than three months later he had taken his own life and i found myself standing here again, with him and without him.

what follows is a sort of chronicle or journal of my year following all of this. i kept busy and shot several other projects during this time, but these moments represent the life in between. it begins with a self portrait in the restroom during the reception after his funeral. it ends in los angeles where i have since moved. days after his funeral i found myself in seward, alaska driving down a road called resurrection boulevard. this time the symbolism was clear. i was going to be heading down resurrection boulevard for a long long time.